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Assisting your spiritual and emotional healing for victorious living.

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Family & Marriage

Israel understands the complexities of family and marriage. His compassionate and graceful approach will encourage you in working together as a couple, or as a family, or in blending families through marriage and/or adoption. You’ll be greeted in a comfortable private setting. We strive to provide a space where you feel free to safely share and feel right at home, literally.

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Individual Counseling

In this fallen world, trials & tribulations can steal our joy & contentment. If allowed, trouble can overwhelm our thought life, clouding it with worry, doubt, & anxiety. But Israel encourages the weary, gives hope to the downtrodden, & grace to the wayward. His wise & compassionate approach puts his clients at ease as he points them to meet their needs right where they are.

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Teen Counseling

For over two decades, Lewis & staff have shared the pain & sorrow endured by families with a troubled teen. Adolescence can be tumultuous. Our active work with families allows us to understand the difficulties in loving & living with a teen that seems out of control. In desperate attempts to find acceptance or from insecurity, your teen may experience anxiety, depression or rebellion. If you're the parent or loved one, we can help.

Counseling Specialities:

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Israel Lewis has experience in dealing with behavioral challenges associated, for example: Severe ADHD/ADD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Conduct Disorder, Separation Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism, Asperger’s, PDD, or other Autism Spectrum Disorders, Early onset of Bipolar disorder

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Phone Consultations

From the convenience of your office, car, or home, you session can be conducted with a counselor. Whether it's by telephone or on-line, you avoid the tedious drive required for traditional appointments. This option allows clients with busy schedules or odd work hours, to find a time that fits their day.

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Court-related Issues

Israel Lewis works as an evaluator providing court-ordered social studies for adoptions and custody disputes, and more recently serving as a Collaborative Law Professional. Lewis has also been assigned by the Courts as a Parent Facilitator to work with couples having difficulty communicating after a divorce or custody dispute. Anger Management and Alcohol/Drug Awareness Classes also available.

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Utilizing a child's natural expression through play, this therapeutic method assists him/her in coping with stress or trauma. It can be effective with children who are; distraught due to family problems (e.g., parental divorce, sibling rivalry), nail-biters, bed-wetters, aggressive or cruel, or victims of child abuse. Special education students whose disability is a source of anxiety benefit as well.

Israel Lewis, LPC | Counselor

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